NAM 2019

Instructions and materials for the “Theory, Applications, and Tools for Kinetic Modeling” workshop can be found here.

Setup instructions

If you encounter a problem while setting up, check our pMuTT issues page for help. When creating a new issue, make sure to tag it as NAM_label to help others! We will do our best to assist you.

pMuTT instructions

  1. Install Anaconda with Python 3.7. Use default settings.
  2. Install pMuTT using the installation instructions.
  3. Download from the workshop materials.
  4. Unzip the folder, find the SampleJupyterNotebook.ipynb notebook and open it. You may have to install Jupyter by opening the Anaconda Navigator from the start menu.
  5. Run the cell with the Python code to ensure the most updated version of pMuTT is installed.


This workshop had a microkinetic modeling section but the license was only available during the session. We will be releasing an open-source microkinetic modeling software (OpenMKM) soon. If interested, please e-mail Jon Lym ( to sign up for the mailing list.


Mailing List

If you are interested in software developments, please sign up for our mailing list by e-mailing Jon Lym ( to sign up!